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LGU Arteche Gets a New Ambulance

LGU Arteche Gets a New Ambulance

June 18, 2024News
LGU Arteche gets a new ambulance to serve the Artechehanons. The said ambulance purchased for 2.9 million using the Disaster Risk Reduction Management Fund is equipped with emergency equipment, emergency kits, stretcher and cabinet . The ambulance will laos be used to transport patients specially those that are critically ill/injured to other health facilities to get proper treatment.
As of now this will also be used to transport  LSI (Locally Stranded Individuals/Returning OFWs from Taft border/Tacloban Airport to our municipal quarantine facility. On the other hand the ambulance of Arteche District Hospital will cater to patients that are not CoViD-19 probable or suspected cases.